Is your small business bogged down with trying to create enough blog or email marketing content? Does the copy on your website need updating? We are here to take that burden from you so you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business.
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  • Is your content marketing stressing you out?
  • Are you struggling to produce enough quality content for your blog?
  • Do you know what you want to say but aren’t entirely sure how to convey it to your ideal client?
  • Are you struggling to come up with enough creative blogging ideas?
  • Do you know you need a high quality opt-in resource to build your email list but can't seem to come up with the right content?
  • Did you recently rebrand and need to update your website copy?

Let us create this content for you

We will work with you to create tailored, structured, engaging, creative and shareable content for your website that builds brand trust and encourages your customers to share and do business with you. 

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What makes copy and blog posts effective?

The copy on your website should hit on these very specific points:

  1. Clearly convey who you are, your belief system and core values
  2. Clearly convey the specific problems you solve for a very niche audience
  3. Provide valuable content that positions you as an expert (blog posts) and invites your audience to opt-in to your email list (lead magnet resource). Gone are the days for people to willingly give away their email address with a call to action like "subscribe to our newsletter". You need a high quality free resource that solves an urgent problem and positions you as the person they need to be connected with and learn more from. 

Your blog posts are a valuable asset to your blog. Not only do they build trust with your target audience but they help build SEO for your website. It's important to understand that with Google Panda and Penguin, you can't just pump out low quality keyword-stuffed blog content. Google recognizes this kind of content right away and to put it in simple terms, it won't be impressed.

Instead you want to provide real compelling content that...

  • answers a customer need
  • helps them understand an issue
  • provides insight
  • entertains them
  • gives them some insight into your awesome personality and passion for your business
  • and of course, entices them to do business with you.

We take the time to strategize with our clients to ensure the end result is tailored blog content for your business and ideal client. 

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Blog/Ghost Writing

We believe a blog is an essential component for every small business owner. Your blog is a centralized hub to manage all the aspects of your business, showcase your expertise and create valuable evergreen content to build the trust factor with your audience.

The internet and social media have allowed us to reach more people than ever before, but one factor has remained constant: building the like, know and trust factor. People must trust you to do business with you.

How we can help:

  • Tailored content strategies for the DIY blogger
  • Tailored content strategies and blog writing services
  • Creation of a tailored lead magnet to build an email list of trusted followers

$125 per blog post - includes a high quality thumbnail image from a reputable stock photo company that is cohesive with your brand and the creation of a pinnable blog graphic for Pinterest so you can pin the blog post to your blogging board creating evergreen traffic to your website.
(FYI - Are we the cheapest, NO. Sure you could hire a freelance blog writer cheaper from Upwork who is probably quickly pulling an existing writing sample from a content mill which means you run the risk of having your website and content flagged by Google or the original author for plagiarism. Moral of the story: You get what you pay for.

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eBook Creation For Email Opt-in and/or
For Sale Digital Products

Need help with copy for your website or the creation of an eBook, guide or resource to build your email list? We can help you create unique tailored content that will attract your target audience and inspire them to opt-in to your email list. Providing value that positions you as an expert is crucial to not only building your email list and community but in edifying your expertise. Let us help you create that kind of unique content for your website and audience.

  • eBooks range between 15-20 pages (4500-5500 words)
  • Are interactive to keep your subscriber engaged
  • Pricing starts at $375 (writing samples available upon request)