6 Compelling Reasons Squarespace Is The Perfect Choice For Small Businesses And Bloggers

6 Compelling Reasons Squarespace Is The Perfect Choice For Small Businesses And Bloggers

Over the last 10 years as entrepreneurs, both Rebecca and I had our fair share of figuring out how to use a website to market our businesses online including going down the Wordpress rabbit hole because once upon a time we bought into the whole "Wordpress is better" storyline. A few years ago when we both launched coaching businesses, we knew we did not want to go that route again and started exploring other options to save time, money and more importantly our sanity.

And that led us straight to Squarespace. 

And to be clear, we are not here to hate on WordPress in the least. It's a platform that is used and loved by many. Our goal with this blog post is to share from our own experiences why Squarespace is a great choice for creative small business owners and bloggers. 

As busy mompreneurs ourselves, we are big fans of anything that looks amazing, functions well and is simple to use and Squarespace hands down helps us accomplish that. We have compiled a list of 6 reasons why Squarespace continues to be our platform of choice for our own business and as web designers. 

1. Take it for a spin, no credit card needed. 

Does it get any better than the ability to take something for a test drive for free and without obligation? The geniuses as Squarespace let you do just that. All you do is go to www.Squarespace.com, create an account with an email address and password and for 14 full days you can look at templates and play around with the functionality and design features of the platform. Just know that until you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, your website will not be viewable to anyone else but you. 

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2. Create a Landing Page While You Design Your Website

Once you decide that you have fallen in love with Squarespace (and we think you totally will!) and have upgraded to a paid plan, you can create a landing page (what Squarespace calls a "cover page") for your website to start directing traffic to while you work on the other design details of your website.

With a cover page you can start marketing your website to create curiosity giving your potential customers and clients a sneak peak into what you are working on and your visitors can sign up for your newsletter to be the first to hear about special offers.  

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3. High Design Templates With Easy, Drag and Drop 

With nearly 50 templates to choose from, they truly have something for everyone whether you are wanting to launch an online ecommerce website, showcase a brick and mortar store or highlight services through a personal brand and blog. Once you have an account (trial or paid version), you can view all the templates they offer, install one that you like, preview it, test it out and install other templates to find the right one before making your site live. Squarespace is a drag and drop platform which makes it easy to dive right in and start designing. 

4. Mobile Responsive

Squarespace templates all come mobile responsive. No coding required. It's important to note that while the template itself is mobile ready, as you design your website, be sure to check both the desktop view and mobile view to ensure that images and graphics you choose and upload all display the way that you want them to.

60% of website viewers are mobile users so ensuring you check your design on mobile view is important. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect image to use for your website banner image that nails it on a desktop view only to view it from a mobile device and it's cut off and not displaying correctly. 

5. Calls to Action Made Easy

The main goal of having a website is to create opportunities for your audience to connect with you more for example: offer a highly valuable free resource to build your email list and showcase your expertise, invite them to have a free coaching call or consultation, sell products you offer for passive income. 

Squarespace sites are gorgeous and the platform also makes it easy to build your site around specific goals. As a service-based coach or blogger who is working to create content that funnels into affiliate income the main goal of your website is converting visitors into customer and/or clients.

Squarespace makes that simple to do with features like a static announcement bar at the top of each page, seamless connect your website to Mailchimp to build your email list, easy to add contact forms, a calendar to book your services and events to showcase ways people can connect with you virtually or locally. These call to action features and buttons can also be customized within the Squarespace style editor. 

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And the best part? All these call to action features are built in, easy to use and will help you achieve your website and business goals.

6. Stellar Customer Service

One of the major advantages of using Squarespace is their stellar customer service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can email them or chat with them live to ask for help when you hit a snag and they’ll you what to do or point you in the right direction. Email response time is usually 15-20 minutes. 

In comparison to a WordPress website where dealing with broken plugins and hacking are 100% on you to figure out. We have heard nightmare stories of people losing their sites due to hackers despite following all of the instructions their hosting company had given them resulting in days spent trying to figure it out while having a website that is down until the problem can be resolved. So we love that Squarespace deals with all of this for us.

If at any time Squarespace is acting glitchy or having issues (which is very rarely) we love how easy it is to find out what’s wrong and to be kept informed about any issues that are going on by checking the Status Update page or their Squarespace Help Twitter Feed.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Squarespace is a good fit for you? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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P.S. If all this information was completely overwhelming and you find that creating and designing your own website is just not for you we totally get it, time is money. Learn more about working with me and my Squarespace website design services

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